Table of Contents

Chapter 1 African and African American Culture

1.1  Introduction to the African Cultures
1.2  Nigeria, Benin and Toto, The Bini and the Yoruba
1.3  Other West African Cultures
1.4  African American Art and Artists
1.5  Jazz
1.6  Blues
1.7  Who’s Who in Jazz and Blues
1.8  Sonny’s Blues

Chapter 2 Neo Classicism

2.1  Neo-Classicism- The Historical Setting
2.2  Neo-Classical-Painting
2.3  Neo-Classical-Architecture and Sculpture
2.4  Neo-Classical-Music
2.5  Neo-Classical Composers

Chapter 3 The Romantic Style

3.1  An Introduction to Romanticism and Romantic Poetry
3.2  Romantic Painting
3.3  Romantic Composers

Chapter 4 Late 19th Century

4.1  Introduction
4.2  Realist Painters
4.3  New Ideas in Painting
4.4  Impressionism-Monet
4.5  New Ideas in Sculpture
4.6  After Impressionism

Chapter 5 Early Modern Styles

5.1  The Age of Isms and Schisms
5.2  Symbolism
5.3  Expressionism and Abstractionism
5.4  Neo-primitivism
5.5  Expressionism-Further Developments
5.6  Painting- Cubism
5.7   Futurism and the Mechanical Style- Leger, Severini, Boccioni
5.8  Surrealism
5.9  Non-objectivism
5.10 Early Modern Architecture in America
5.11  Early Modern Architecture in Europe
5.12 All Quiet on the Western Front

Chapter 6 Later Modern Styles

6.1  Revolutions and Evolutions
6.2  Abstract Expressionism
6.3  Pop Art: Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Johns, Oldenberg, David Smith, Segal
6.4  Conceptual Art

Chapter 7 Postmodern Styles

7.1  Postmodern Thought and Ideas, Existentialism
7.2  Postmodern Theatre and Dance
7.3  Postmodern Musical Developments
7.4  Postmodern Architectural Developments

Chapter 8   21st Century Art- Where are we going?

8.1  Where is Art Going Now?

Chapter 9 Basic Analysis

9.1  Basic Elements of Art
9.2  Cultural Context Values
9.3  Basic Elements of Music
9.4  How to Format and Cite and Essay
9.5  How to Write an Essay
9.6  Cultural Values Worksheet
9.7  Comparison and Contrast Essay Worksheet
9.8  Venn Diagram for Comparison Contrast
9.9  Art Analysis Essay- Classical Greek Sculpture
9.10 Architecture Analysis Form
9.11  Painting Analysis Form
9.12  Mosaic Analysis Form
9.13  Sculpture Analysis Form
9.14  Event Evaluation Form
9.15  Music Analysis Form


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