9.13 Sculpture Analysis Form


Title of the work ______________________________

Artist ________________________

Historical Period _____________________________

Dates __________________

   I. Subject


II. Basic Elements

A. Describe the lines in the sculpture.

B. What effect do the different types of lines have on this work of art?

C.What shapes are evident (They will not necessarily be geometric.)

D. What effect do the shapes have on the statue?

E. How is the spatial element organized? Open? Closed? How do you know that it is open or closed?

F. Does the sculpture appear to act on the space surrounding it? What concerns of the period does the spatial organization reflect? (i.e. Why is it open or closed?)

G. What medium is used?

H. Why was this particular medium used at this time in this location?

I. Does the texture or color of the statue affect the meaning of the work?

III. Associated Values

A. What is the purpose of function of the work?

B. Give examples of influences from previous styles.

C. Based on your analysis, what seem to be the values of this culture?

D. What geographical, economic, social, political, religious, intellectual or scientific events or concerns of this or the previous historical era might have contributed to this particular style? What evidence do you find that these are reflected in this work?

E. Does the artist’s philosophy or background affect this work?

IV. Expressive Content

A. How is the work organized to suggest or illustrate the artist’s intent?


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