Dedication and Acknowledgements

Dedicated to the Memory of Bruce A. Jannusch, Ph.D.

My Socrates.

This book could not have happened without the generous support of the Colorado Community Colleges System and the Division of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Pikes Peak State College.

Special thanks go out to the following Instructors of the Philosophy Department at PPSC for their help in editing and devising questions and thought experiments for specific chapters:

LaChelle Elizabeth Schilling, PhD for her review of and thoughtful contributions to the Preface and Introduction of this work.

Joe Mecham, M.Div. for his careful and extensive review of and additions to the chapter on Ethics.

Carolyn Brown, Th.M. for bringing her superb pedagogical mind to the aid of the chapters on Epistemology and Philosophy of Religion.

Jeremy Weiss, PhD for his excellent contributions to the chapter on Metaphysics.

Special thanks go to Cynthia Krutsinger, Director of E-learning at PPSC, and Rachel Meisner, former Course Designer and OER Coordinator at PPSC for their skills in transferring the document to Pressbooks format.  Additional thanks to Fran Hetrick, former Dean, and Benjy Davies, Associate Dean of the AHSS Division, and Christine Peebles, J.D., chair of the Philosophy Department at PPSC for their ongoing support for this project.



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