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Websites and Apps

Barnard, E. E., Biographical Memoir:

Cosmicopia: NASA’s learning site explains about the history and modern understanding of cosmic rays.

DECO: A smart-phone app for turning your phone into a cosmic-ray detector.

Hubble Space Telescope Images of Nebulae: Click on any of the beautiful images in this collection, and you are taken to a page with more information; while looking at these images, you may also want to browse through the slide sequence on the meaning of colors in the Hubble pictures (

Interstellar Medium Online Tutorial: Nontechnical introduction to the interstellar medium (ISM) and how we study it; by the University of New Hampshire astronomy department.

Messier Catalog of Nebulae, Clusters, and Galaxies: Astronomer Fred Espenak provides the full catalog, with information and images. (The Wikipedia list does something similar:

Nebulae: What Are They?: Concise introduction by Matt Williams.


Barnard 68: The Hole in the Sky: About this dark cloud and dark clouds in interstellar space in general (02:08).

Horsehead Nebula in New Light: Tour of the dark nebula in different wavelengths; no audio narration, just music, but explanatory material appears on the screen (03:03).

Hubblecast 65: A Whole New View of the Horsehead Nebula: Report on nebulae in general and about the Horsehead specifically, with ESO astronomer Joe Liske (06:03).

Interstellar Reddening: Video demonstrating how reddening works, with Scott Miller of Penn State; a bit nerdy but useful (03:45).

Hubble Field Guide to the Nebulae: Video briefly explaining the difference between types of nebulae (04:24).

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