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Dawn Mission: Discover more about this mission to the largest asteroids.

NEAR-Shoemaker Mission: Review background information and see great images from the mission that went by Mathilde and Eros.


Deep Impact Mission:

Kuiper Belt: David Jewitt of the University of Hawaii keeps track of the objects that have been discovered.

Missions to Comets: Information on NASA and ESA spacecraft that have explored comets.

Stardust Mission: Learn about this mission to collect a sample of a comet and bring it back to Earth.



Sweating the Small Stuff: The Fear and Fun of Near-Earth Asteroids: Harvard Observatory Night Lecture by Jose-Luis Galache (1:18:07).

Unveiling Dwarf Planet Ceres: A vonKarman Lecture by Dr. Carol Raymond, Oct. 2015, also includes Vesta results (1:18:38).


Great Comets, Comets in General, and Comet ISON: Talk by Frank Summers, Space Telescope Science Institute (1:01:10).

Press Conference on the Impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter: Day 2 after impact; July 17, 1994; with the discoverers and Heidi Hammel (1:22:29).

Rosetta: The Story So Far: Royal Astronomical Society Lecture by Dr. Ian Wright (1:00:29).

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