Russell Sharman

                                                                                                                                                – Abbie Hoffman, 1971


This book is an Open Educational Resource using a Creative Commons by attribution license. The text covers the same essential material most other cinema studies textbooks cover, with one glaring exception: it costs zero dollars. It is free to read by anyone in any format. It can be downloaded for reading offline and printed without violating copyright. Students can download or print a copy to keep forever with no expiration date or restricted access. So can anyone else for that matter. However, just between you and me, it is designed to be read online and I encourage you to engage the material in that format as much as possible. There are embedded videos throughout that will enhance the experience, and as a living document, it will change over time, reflecting new insights and additions (and sure, the occasional correction to some embarrassing error). But here’s the best part: it is now and always will be absolutely FREE. And with the Creative Commons by attribution license, other instructors can  customize, modify, adapt, or remix the text anyway they see fit for their students. All I ask is the courtesy of giving me credit for the original text. And, if you do decide to adopt this book for a class, let me know!

So go ahead, get in touch with your inner rebel. Steal this book.



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